Everyone knows this situation: You are happily scrolling on Facebook, see a post made by the official page of EA Sports or FIFA Ultimate Team and then you gonna take a look on the comments. You are going to see a few weird comments made by fake accounts and fake pages, which look the originals ones saying „We are giving away 50 free gold packs – click below“ or „Free gift of 5 million coins – click here“. Whats wrong with this? Well, a lot!

What kinda scam is common for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team?

As mention above there are several Facebook pages, but there are also many other methods scammer are using to take advantage of you. Beware of weird YouTube comments under popular videos. They will also promise you to duplicate your player or giveaways. Another method are e-mails, which are sent by fake addresses named after Origin or EASports. They are asking you to change your passport. Don’t wonder, the e-mail looks real, but they will lead you to a wrong URL – to a phishing website. They will ask you to change your password by providing them with your e-mail address, password and security question. Never ever fall for this. You will give them all your private information. Another scam is to receive messages on PSN or Xbox Live offering you to duplicate your player or to receive give aways. Simply ignore it. Don’t fall for this scam. Nobody is going to give you their hard earned coins or player. Famous and popular YouTuber are going to do giveaways, but random people online? No way.

Be careful with your private information such as security question

First of all you shouldn’t put too much trust into other player on FIFA, users on YouTube or people on Facebook. Next you should check if the Facebook page, which is sharing weird links are verified or not. You will see the blue tick next to the name if they are actually verified. If you click on the link you should definitely check out the URL. You might see their URL is slightly different than the original one. The website might look the same, because they copy it 1:1. You will see a normal log-in asking for your information don’t do it. Double check the URL. Also you should be noticed about any FIFA 20 glitch or bug at the moment.

If you want to play safe and you really receive an e-mail asking you to change your password you should open the website of EASports or Origin by yourself in your browser. Type in EASports.com or the other domain to get to the website. Don’t click on the link inside the e-mail.

Take a look on the URL. Fake!

What do they actually want?

First of all they want your login data to steal your player and your coins from your FIFA 20 Ultimate Team account. To this date EA is actually doing pretty well in protecting you and your account, but they got no chance if you are going to give away your private information just by yourself. If you ever run into the problem and you noticed it too late please make sure you are changing your password as soon as possible. Don’t wait. Also you should contact EA as soon as possible.

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