How come we don’t get a finished game every year? FIFA 20 is a little over a month old now, but we have the feeling that it still doesn’t work properly. The Pro Club mode is almost unplayable since the latest patch for FUT 19. There are several bugs in the gameplay. How is it possible every year since FIFA 14 it’s been going downhill with the popular FIFA series?

The problem exists since PlayStation 4 or Xbox One

Since the latest generation of gaming consoles it is possible to subject games to very large updates. Back then on the PlayStation 1, PS2, PS3, like the Xbox 360, it was impossible to download a huge update or patch that changed the whole gameplay. At that time there was the Xbox 360 Arcade, which had no memory space (!) available. Most gaming consoles had very little memory, if any, which was mostly used for game saves. The games were completely on the CD and were simply installed. Nowadays it looks completely different. The CD is just like a license which allows you to download the game or which only installs the basic game. Often players have to download a very large file to start the game first.

Developers don’t let a finished game release anymore

FIFA 18 was the best example, but we’ve also seen it at Call of Duty and Battlefield. FIFA 18 in October 2017 had nothing more to do with FIFA 18 in May 2018. The gameplay was just different. This never happened at FIFA 2002, FIFA 06, FIFA 10 or FIFA 14. The problem is this; the developers, in this case EA, believe that it doesn’t matter what they bring to the market on the release date, because nowadays they simply have the possibility to update the game at any time. But with FIFA 10 and all the other versions, EA had to release a finished game. They had no other choice because they couldn’t update the game. Patches and updates were not possible on the PS3, Xbox 360 or older gaming consoles. That means the developers were under a lot of pressure to perform, but the gamer also paid for it. These days the gamer are still paying the full price, but what do they get in return? Simply ask yourself this question. Nowadays it looks completely different. If something isn’t finished by September 30th, it will be reworked with the next patch – if it is reworked at all.

This is one of the biggest problems in these days gaming industry. Gamer don’t have any choice. Buy the game or leave it. As far as it comes to football simulations there is only Pro Evolution Soccer, but don’t expect full licenses on this game. Electronic Arts got the licenses and they also got the license to do everything they want to do. In the end they are a company. They don’t care if gamer have fun, they care if people are spending their money on this game. The most revenue they get from Ultimate Team tho.

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