You love to watch YouTuber playing FIFA Ultimate Team? You also love to watch them opening packs? They are actually playing very bad with you guys (I am not talking about FIFA).

They are actually working for EA

Lets be honest; Some people’s fame is only based on FIFA Ultimate Team. Without this mode they would be nothing. You should also understand the YouTuber are actually earning a living on Ultimate Team, but not by EA, but from their subscriber. However, while they are earning money from you guys, they are depending on Electronic Arts. FIFA Ultimate Team is the best example. Many of the YouTuber are complaining about the game being shit. Everyone knows it. However, there are some YouTuber still celebrating this game even after so many bugs and glitches. This game is literally broken and got several game changing updates just within three months. What the YouTuber are doing is promoting this game. Only a few of them are actually criticising Electronic Arts.

They encourage you to spend money on FIFA Points and Coins

This is the biggest joke when it comes to all the YouTuber. They are spending lots of money just for FIFA Points and make pack openings, which are actually worth thousands of dollar, but you will only get to see the best results. They simply cut the video and make a compilation of the best players they got. But what is your impression? Your impression is it only takes them a few packs to get great player. What is your next step? You think because they got lucky, you can be lucky as well and you start spending your money on FIFA Points. This is not true. They literally encourage you to spend lots of money for Points just by showing you a compilation of pack openings. Don’t fall for this.

They try everything to earn money

This is one of the most important aspect. They really try everything to earn money by their subscriber. Mostly they even take their subscriber at a huge risk by working a “coin seller service” like MMOGA or many other websites. You should know EA doesn’t allow anyone to buy FIFA 20 coins. The YouTuber post their affiliate link in their description and always earn money when you are going to buy FIFA 20 coins, but at the same time you are at a very big risk of getting banned. Be careful about this. It seems Electronic Arts becomes very strict when it comes to generating FIFA coins. Some people even got banned for trading on the transfer market.

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