I knew, you knew it

Even before the release the community knew the game will end up in a disaster. Lets be honest: FIFA 19 was totally broken. The defending, the gameplay, the goal keepers and much more. The gameplay in June 2019 had nothing to do with the gameplay of November 2018. The same goes for FIFA 20. Or no, it is even worse! After last year we thought it can only get better, but EA proved us wrong. The gameplay and the whole game became worse than ever. For many of us it is no surprise. We already expected this game to be crap. There is only a small problem: Many of us gamers spend hundreds of dollar just for FIFA Points and the game gets one update after another, which makes the gameplay worse every single time.


Electronic Arts is only good at marketing

Lets face the truth: Without the great marketing and hype around this game it would be nothing. If Konami or better to say Pro Evolution Soccer would have a modern game, great marketing team, which actually understands the customers, they would have much more sales than FIFA. Electronic Arts is doing a pretty good job with their marketing. They are hiring the best player like Dybala, Ronaldo, Kevin De Bruyne or Neymar and use them as influencers. Of course the people like player like Neymar or Dybala. They are young, got talent and are very successful. With fresh new colours FIFA looks very modern, stylish and cool. Check out the picture below to understand what I mean:

FIFA 19 UT New 2

People already stop spending money for this game

Why should anyone ever spend money for this broken game? I mean, even if they would provide the best gameplay ever, it would still be Pay To Win. But how about now? The gameplay is literally broken and gets updated every two weeks. Why keep buying FIFA Points? Luckily we got a much better solution for you: The FIFA 20 coins hack and generator works perfectly on every device. You only need a working internet connection and then you can easily generate free FIFA 20 coins and points on your account. It is by far the easiest solution on how to cheat and hack FIFA 20 UT on your Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. We can only recommend to every gamer to make use of the FIFA 20 coin generator, because it will not only help you a lot, but it will also make you be more successful while saving lots of real money.

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