Getting free FIFA 20 Coins and Points on Ultimate Team is easier than ever. With a few clicks on the FIFA Coin Generator you can get unlimited free Coins on your Xbox Live, Nintendo, PSN or PC account. It takes only a few steps and the whole process is really easy. However, sometimes the people are so happy it worked out for them, they forget one major rule.

This is the FUT 20 Coin Generator

Main reason of getting your team banned is not the hack

There are several FIFA Coins hack since a few years and they always worked perfectly fine. Never ever someone got banned just because of the FIFA Coin Generator. Why? It has so many encryptions and proxies built in, nobody will ever know who is actually using this tool or not. It is fully anonymous. Nobody is going to see your IP, username or any other information. The same goes for Electronic Arts. They have no clue who is going to generate free FIFA coins and who is not, simply because the users are so well protected. You can test it by yourself: Make a new account, create a new team and generate some coins and points on it. After a few weeks or month visit this account again. It won’t be banned. It will still exist and work. What is the main reason which makes people get banned? They are bragging with their free coins and points. After that they get reported by their friends or other player.

Avoid to get your team suspended on FUT 20

The FIFA 20 hack is absolutely reliable. This has a small negative aspect coming with it. Many player can’t get over the fact they just got millions of coins for free. The first thing they do is telling their friends about it or posting it on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Even worse: They are making screenshots and videos and uploading them on YouTube. It is the worst they can do. The video and pictures include their ID and team name. It will be so easy for EA to find your team and ban you. Many people are making this mistake. YouTube is literally full of videos showing the FIFA 20 coin generator in action and also the result, but do the teams exist a few weeks later? I don’t think so, because some viewer are reporting them to EA.

fifa 20 coin generator

Don’t underestimate the other FIFA-Gamer or even your own friends

Get yourself into the situation of the normal FUT-Gamer. Some of them are spending hundreds of dollar per month just for FIFA Points. Many of them are frustrated, because they got no great players out of the goldpacks. Suddenly you appear and tell them how easy it was to get millions of coins for free using the FIFA 20 hack on your account without spending any money. What do you think they will do? They will report you, I can guarantee that. They will be jealous or they will think it is unfair. Everyone can do whatever they want. If you want to spend your money for Points you can do so. If you are smart you’ll simply use the FIFA 20 coins hack and get all the items for free.

Our recommendation for you: Be careful who you are sharing the FIFA 20 coin generator with. Yes, it is a great tool and it can really help you to get a better team and to save a huge amount of money, but not everyone is thinking in this way. For the ones spending thousands of dollar it is just an unfair tool. Under no circumstances you should make a video and upload it on YouTube. At least blur your ID and club name. If someone is asking you where you got all the nice players from and how did you get millions of coins you can simply tell them you bought FIFA Points and were lucky. This is how you play it safe and you won’t face any ban or trouble on FIFA Ultimate Team.

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