When it comes to playing matches on FUT 20 there are a few things can be really annoying. The most annoying can be the shadows of the stadium. We found a way out of this problem! With this trick you’ll never see any shadow again on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team!

Shadows can be really annoying when playing FUT 20.
  1. Go to Ultimate Team, choose the stadium you like.

  2. Sign out of Ultimate Team, go to regular Kick-Off

  3. Either find the team chosen stadium belongs to or just choose whatever team you want

  4. Go to match settings, choose the stadium you have in Ultimate Team

  5. Go to Custom, set the season, weather and the time of day.

  6. Make sure it says either summer or fall and at night (so around 9 p.m.)

  7. Apply changes and back out. Go back to Ultimate Team and the stadium you edited in kickoff will have the same settings you have in kickoff!

This way all of your games will be at night under good weather conditions and the stadium light will provide a clear pitch with no shadows!

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